Vanavasis are our brethren living in forests, hills and mountains. They are spread from Arunachal to Gujarat and Ladhak to Kerala. They are inseparable part of our mythology, history and freedom struggle.

Vanavasis worship Nature- animals, Sun, Trees, Forests, Idols, Stones, various Gods and Goddesses and even the formless God. Â Vanavasis are noble, honest and generous. They are combination of rare talents, energy and tenacity with sound knowledge of nature. 

Independence, industrialization, globalization, green and white revolutions and India becoming a global player in IT has not made much difference to the socio - economic conditions of this 8 crore people. Â There is, this tremendous potential in waiting, to build the nation...




Vanayathra takes you to habitat where Vanavasis live. It is a tour conducted by Vanavasi Kalyan with the objective of giving first hand experience of Vanavasi lives. Vanayathra is not a pleasure trip. It is a journey in to the forest exposing you to harmonious co-existence of people in beauty and wilderness of nature.


The visit to these places can be a life time and life changing experience. Please come with your family and friends.






No. of service projects 9737    
Service Center    6037 
Total villages    5.50lakhs
Vanavasi Villages    1.34lakhs  
Villages contacted by Vanavasi Kalyana Parishad    32149
Total villages    5.50lakhs   








imagesCATFI6SEIndia is described as a continent for its diversity in culture. The Vanavasi festivals, dances, customs, costumes, beliefs, methods of worships are part of this diverse and remarkably deep-rooted culture. We can find wonderful harmony in this diversity.Â



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